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Last modified 2009-11-07

Hitachi KH-WS1

Type:Worldspace satellite receiver
Frequency range:0.52-1.62 / 2.3-7.3 / 9.5-26.1 /87.5-108 MHz
1.453-1.490 GHz (L-band)
Mode:AM/WFM/Digital stereo
Receiver system:
Image rejection:
Voltage:4*LR20, 6 VDC external or mains
Current drain:? mA
Impedance:L-band: 50-75 ohms, Type F to satellite antenna
HF/VHF: Telescopic whip
MW: Ferrite rod
Dimensions (W*H*D):Receiver: 240*160*65 mm (9.45*6.3*2.6")
L-band antenna: 150*156*33 mm (5.91*6.14*1.3")
Weight:1.9 Kg (4.19 lbs)
Manufactured:199x-200x (Discontinued)
Other:40 memories. Digital clock & timer
New price 2001 in the UK: 99.99
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