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Yaesu MD-100A8X

A picture of Yaesu MD-100A8X


Type:Dynamic desk microphone
Frequency response:100-5000 Hz (-6 dB)
Sensitivity:-75 dB (3 dB) @ 1 KHz
0 dB = 1 V / 0.1 Pa
Output level:? mV
Output impedance / connector:500 ohm / 8-pin (Female locking ring plug or modular)
Power supply:-
Current drain:-
Dimensions (W*H*D): Base: 112*156*151 mm (4.41*6.14*5.94")
Mike: 42.5 mm 1.67") diameter* 189 mm (7.44") length
Weight:670 g (1.48 lb), without cable
Manufactured:Japan and China, 199x-20xx
Other: For filter characteristics, see the manual.
Related documents:User manual (257 KB)
Modifications and fixes:
Applicable radios: