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Last modified 2021-02-05

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American Electronics 95-328

A picture of American Electronics 95-328


Type:Amplified desk microphone
Frequency response:? Hz (-6 dB)
Sensitivity:? dB (? Hz, ? cm)
Output level:? mV
Output impedance / connector:? ohm / ?
Power supply:9 VDC (6LR61 / E / PP3 battery)
Current drain:? mA
Dimensions: Base diameter: 140 mm (5.51")
Height: 300 mm (11.81")
Weight:1.25 Kg (2.76 lb), with cord
Manufactured:Japan, 19xx-19xx (Discontinued)
Other: Switchable between "Electronic" or "Relay" control
Lockable PTT lever. Variable gain
This is basically an Astatic D-104 clone

This microphone is often referred to as a "Lollipop" mike.
In Sweden some also call it a "Poppa" or "Rakspegel".
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