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Geloso S.p.A was founded in 1931 by (Giovanni) John Geloso, callsign I1PT, I4PY and I1JGM.
Mr. Geloso went "silent key" in 1968. The company continued its business until it folded in 1972.
The Geloso trademark, intellectual properties and patents were acquired by Paso in 1973.


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G-20710-80 mAM / FM / CW1952
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G-2080.5-30 MHzAM / CW19xx
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G4/21410-80 mAM / SSB / CW19xx
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G4/21610-80 mAM / SSB / CW1966
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G4/2180.52-31 MHzAM / CW1962


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G4/22310-80 mAM / CW40 W1964
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G4/22510-80 mSSB80 W19xx
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G4/22810-80 mSSB150 W19xx
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G210TR10-80 mAM / CW40 W1955