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Last modified 2022-01-13

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Cobra 25 LTD Classic (Newer 4-pin front mike)

A picture of Cobra 25 LTD Classic (Newer 4-pin front mike)


Type:Citizen band transceiver
Frequency range:26.965-27.405 MHz
Channels / tuning steps:40
Frequency control:PLL
Frequency stability:? ppm
Clarifier or Delta tune:No
Power supply:13.8 VDC (3-pin connector)
Current drain / power consumption:RX: 0.3-1.2 A
TX: Max 1.5 A
Antenna impedance / connector:50 ohm / SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D):162*56*219 mm (6.38*2.2*8.62")
Weight:1.81 Kg (4 lb)
Other features:PA. ANL/NB. Dimmer. Channel 9 switch.

Receiver system: Double conversion superheterodyne
1st IF: 10.695 MHz
2nd IF: 455 KHz
Sensitivity:1 uV (10 dB S+N/N)
Selectivity:7 KHz (-6 dB)
10 KHz (-60 dB)
Image rejection:80 dB
AF output power / speaker:3 W at 7% distortion / 8 ohm
External speaker connector:3.5 mm, 8 ohm

RF output power:4 W
Modulation system:
FM deviation (Factory set):No FM
Spurious emissions:Better than -? dB
Microphone impedance / connector:? ohm / 4-pin (Metal locking ring connector)
Microphone input level:? mV

Manufactured:China, 2010-201x
Main PCB:
Sub PCBs:
Additional info: FCC ID: BBO3K225LTD
New price 2018 in the US: $89.95
Related documents:User manual (2.1 MB)
Sams Photofact #:
Modifications and fixes:
Options / Accessories:
CA 73
HG A1000
HG A1500
HG M73
HG M75
HG M77
HG M84
HG S100
HG S300
HG S500
Replacement dynamic microphone
21" base loaded magmount antenna
38" base loaded magmount antenna
Replacement dynamic microphone
Power microphone
Noise-cancelling microphone
Premium noise-cancelling microphone
Premium noise-cancelling microphone, wood grain
External dynamic speaker
External noise cancelling speaker
External noise cancelling speaker with talkback
A rear picture of Cobra 25 LTD Classic