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A new compact dual band, C4FM/Fusion capable HT from Yaesu: FT-70DE (Europe) / FT-70DR (USA)
A new SDR receiver from Expert Electronics, the ColibriNano.

Alinco EL-2HC and EL-2HS.
Comcraft CTR-144.
Daiwa CN-620A.
Icom IC-M88.
Jopix Delos (40 m version) and Delos (CB/Freeband version).
Kenwood TK-752, TS-830M, SM-230.
Manson SPS-9620.
Rycom R1307A/GR.
SBE SB-36.

Pictures of Vibratrol RFL-700 (TNX to Mr. Andrea Baldoni).
A better picture of SBE 34.

A new DV capable hand scanner from Uniden: UBC-D3600XLT.
A new dual band HT from smartphone maker Xiaomi, the MiJia.
A new range of SWR/PWR meters from Daiwa: CN-501H, CN-501H2, CN-501V, CN-901HP, CN-901HP3 and CN-901V.

Alinco ADUA-83, DX-R8E, DX-R8T, DX-SR9E and DX-SR9T.
Daiwa CN-801S II.
Icom IC-M605 and IC-M605 Euro.
Lafayette Com-Phone 23A.

Pictures of Nietzsche NDB-30 (TNX to DO8FY).
A picture of Microwave Modules MMT 144/28R (TNX to G4AQY)

A new mobile D-Star rig from Icom, ID-4100A (USA) / ID-4100E (Europe)
Sotabeams has released an HF Lowpass filter kit.

Comet SBB-25, SBB-123 and SF-245.
Icom HM-90, MB-65 and MB-120.
Kenwood SP-23.

AOR VI8200.
B&G V50 and V90.
Cobra MR-F57 (B/W) and MR-F77 (B/W).
Conrad ComCraft.
Humminbird VHF-255S.
Hy-Gain 661, Hy-Seas 12 and Hy-Seas 55.
Icom BM-113E, BM-113U, BP-130A, BP-157A, BP-160, BP-174, EX-257, IC-M1V, IC-M3A, IC-M3 Euro, IC-M10A, IC-M10E, IC-M11.
President JFK Classic.
SG Lab TR-900, TR-1300 and TR-2300.
Super Star 3900 (Mk1) and 3900 EU.
Topcom RC-6415.
Yaesu FP-700.

Better pix of Icom IC-R70 and Yaesu FT-790R.

Electrotone M-100.
Globe Electronics Mobiline Six.
Heathkit GC-1A and GC-1U "Mohican".
Icom IC-HM5, IC-M1 Euro and IC-M1 Euro V.
Lafayette HA-39, HA-45, HA-146, HA-460, HE-45, HE-45A, HE-50 and KT-390 Starflite.
Mini-Products B-24 and M-4.
Mosley TA-36.
P & H Electronics LA-400C.
QYT KT-7900D.
Revco RS-2000 and RS-3000.
Solar Electronics System VI.
Surecom KT-8900D.

A better pix of Trio 9R-59.

Alinco DM-330FX(E/T).
Colonel 324 and CB-512S.
Hy-Gain 11 (1291) and 12 (1292).

Icom IC-M33, IC-M34, IC-M35, IC-M36, BC-139, BC-177, BP-216, BP-217, BP-256, EX-310, OPC-025A, OPC-025D, OPC-088,
OPC-131, OPC-440, OPC-478, OPC-478UC, OPC-499, OPC-581,OPC-587, OPC-589, OPC-1156, OPC-1457R, OPC-1529R, OPC-1655,
TV-R7000 and TV-1275.

Norlin SR-2070, SR-2090 and SR-2093.
President SX8020M.
Realistic Pro-2045 (20-9418).
Yaesu FT-902D.

Pictures of Dressler D-200S and Realistic Pro-21.
Better picture of JIL SX-400.