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Yaesu's latest HT's: FT-4VE / FT-4VR and FT-4XE / FT-4XR.
New FM/DMR HT's from Baofeng; DM-9HX and RD-5R.
A new FM/DMR HT from AnyTone, the AT-D878UV.

AnyTone AT-D868UV.
Asahi TR-306.
Atlas 350-PS.
Baofeng/Pofung BF-9500, BL-5, DM-8HX and BL-9.
Cobra 20, 28 and 38 WX ST.
Colt 290 and MKY-200E (By Mickey Industry Ltd).
Courier Classic I, Classic II, Classic III and Classic PLL.
Diamond SD-330, SG-M507, X-30N, X-200A, X-300N, X-510MH, X-520M, X-700HA and X-700HNA.
Dynascan P-72.
Galaxy DX-29HP, DX-33HML, DX-33HP, DX-33HP2, DX-44HP, DX-45MP, DX-47HP, DX-48T, DX-55HP, DX-55V, DX-66V, DX-73V, DX-77HML,
DX-88HL, DX-94HP, DX-95T, DX-95T2, DX-98VHP, DX-99V, DX-99V2, DX-919, DX-929, DX-939, DX-979 and Melaka.
GW GPR-3060.
Hallicrafters HT-32A.
Hustler G6-440, G7-144 and G7-220.
Icom IC-339, BC-72A, BC-72D, BC-72DC, BC-72E, BC-72V, EX-314, HM-12, HM-15, HM-148G and UT-50.
Intek M-795 Power.
Interphone I-77.
Jaybeam D15/1296.
K.W. Electronics KW 202.
Kraco 2410-A and 2410-D.
MFJ 931.
Midland 76-900 UK and 78-999.
Motorola CM-340, CM-360 and HMN3413.
muTek RPCB 144UB.
National Panasonic RJ-27 and RJ-28.
Palomar Magnum 6000.
Panasonic DR-B600 (RF-B600LBS).
Poynting WLAN-A0042 and WLAN-A0044.
QYT KT-8900, KT-8900D and KT-8900R.
RadioShack Pro-2037 (20-461).
RD Power 1KW-12 and 2KW-12.
Sainsonic AD-10 and INF-641.
Standard C-150E.
Tono 4M-30G and 4M-120G.
Yaesu CD-41, FT-411, PA-44C, PA-46C, PA-48C, SBR-28LI, SHB-18, SSM-16B and YSK-8900.

Better pictures of Collins KWM-2 & KWM-2A, Galaxy DX-2547, Lafayette LM-200 AM/FM, National NC-173, Yaesu FT-811 and FT-8000R.

Added "Bird box", "Heat", "Death wish", "Jaws 2", "Smokey and the Bandit" and "The island of Dr. Moreau" plus episodes of "Fear the walking dead"
and "The last ship" to the Movies and TV-series area.

This time I've also created their own areas for AnyTone and Baofeng/Pofung/Btech and moved the related ham radios there.

We have now passed 5800 radios in the database. Woohoo!