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Last modified 2012-06-28

Texas Instruments TI-99/4A QI (Quality Improved)

Type:16-bit home computer
CPU:TMS9900 @ 3.3 MHz
Operating system:TI Basic
Memory:ROM: 26 KB
RAM: 256 Bytes (Expandable to max 52 KB)
Sound:3 tones, 5 octaves plus noise (TMS9919)
Graphics:Max 256*192 pixels, 16 colors (PAL/SECAM: TMS9929A) (NTSC: TMS9918A/TMS9928A)
Storage:Tape recorder
Optional floppy drive in the optional PEB (Peripheral Expansion Box)
Input:Integrated keyboard
I/O ports:Game/joystick port, Cassette interface, expansion port
Cartridge slot, Composite video and TV/RF output, audio output
Voltage:5 and 16 V from external transformer
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):381*71*259 mm
Weight:2.2 Kg
Manufactured:1983-1984 (Discontinued)
Other:An updated version of the all plastic beige TI-99/4A. Both the motherboard
and power supply were improved, and the number of IC's on the motherboard were
reduced from 42 to 35. The "QI" designation could be seen on the motherboard
but not anywhere on the console itself.
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