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Last modified 2012-08-14

Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100

Type:8-bit home computer
CPU:Intel 80C85 @ 2.4 MHz
Operating system:Microsoft Basic 80 (N82 version)
A terminal program + some simple business programs is also included
Memory:ROM: 32 KB
RAM: 8 or 24 KB (Expandable to 32 KB or more)
Sound:Text: 40*8 characters
240*64 pixels
Optional CRT video adapter
Storage:Tape recorder
Optional TPDD (100 KB) or TPDD2 (200 KB) disk drive
Optional 5.25" floppy
Input:Integrated keyboard
Connectivity:300 bd modem
Serial port
Printer/Centronics parallel
Tape recorder I/O
Bar-code reader input
Voltage:4*R6/AA batteries or 6 VDC
Power consumption:Max 180 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):300*215*50 mm
Weight:1.4 Kg
Manufactured:Japan (By Kyocera), 1983-198x (Discontinued)
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