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Last modified 2012-08-11

Rockwell AIM-65

Type:8-bit home/training computer
CPU:Rockwell 6502 @ 1 MHz
Operating system:AIM Monitor/text editor/assembler
Optional Basic, Pascal or Forth ROMs
Memory:ROM: 12 KB
RAM: 1 KB or 4 KB onboard
Graphics:20 character LED display
Storage:External tape recorder
Input:Separate keyboard
Connectivity:Tape recorder I/O
2*edge connectors
Voltage:+5 VDC (24 VDC for printer and TTY)
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm (?")
Weight:? Kg (? lbs)
Manufactured:USA, 1976-197x (Discontinued)
Other:Built-in thermal printer
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Notable "ham" software:
Original options/accessories:
There were a lot of expansion possibilities for this computer. Below are
some that were available for the Rockwell Microflex 65 expansion chassis
8 KB static RAM
32 KB dynamic RAM
Floppy disk controller
CRT controller
General purpose I/O and timer
Asynchronous communications interface adapter
IEEE488 bus controller