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Last modified 2013-01-21

Luxor ABC-802

Type:8-bit home computer
CPU:Zilog Z80A @ 3 MHz
Operating system:BASIC II, Luxor UFD-DOS or CP/M
Memory:ROM: 32 KB
RAM: 64 KB
Graphics:Text: 40*24 or 80*24 characters
Storage:External tape recorder and/or floppies
Input:Separate keyboard
Connectivity:Tape recorder I/O (700/2400 bd)
Channel A com port, 50-19200 bd (reserved for printer)
Channel B com port, 50-19200 bd
ABC-bus (for floppy and other peripherals)
ABC Net (Network I/F)
Composite video
Power consumption:Max 60 W
Dimensions (W*H*D):Display/CPU unit: 240*205*280 mm
Weight:8 Kg
Manufactured:Sweden, 1983-198x (Discontinued)
Other:The actual computer part is integrated
into the 10" monitor case
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