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Last modified 2012-08-07

EACA Genie III (EG-3200)

Type:8-bit business computer
CPU:Zilog Z80A @ 3.2 MHz
Operating system:CP/M 2.2 and NewDOS 80 v2.0
Memory:ROM: 2 KB
RAM: 64 KB (Expandable to 192 KB)
Sound:Built-in speaker
Graphics:Text: 64*16 or 80*24 characters, monochrome
Graphics option
Storage:Two 640 KB floppies
Optional 5 MB hard drive
Input:External keyboard
Printer/Centronics parallel
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm (?")
Weight:? Kg (? lbs)
Manufactured:Hong Kong, 1982-198x (Discontinued)
Other:Built-in real-time clock. TRS-80 Model 1 compatible
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