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Last modified 2012-08-01

Commodore Plus/4

Type:8-bit home computer
CPU:MOS 7501 or 8501 @ 1.77 MHz (PAL) or 1.79 MHz (NTSC)
Operating system:Commodore Basic 3.5
Built-in machine code monitor and simple office suite
Memory:ROM: 64 KB
RAM: 64 KB (60671 bytes available for Basic program)
Sound:"TED" - MOS 7360 or 8360
Two channels, four octaves + white noise
Graphics:"TED" - MOS 7360 or 8360
Text: 40*25 characters
320*200 pixels
320*160 pixels
160*200 pixels
160*160 pixels
Max 121 colors
Storage:External tape recorder (300 bd)
Optional floppy
Input:Integrated keyboard
Connectivity:Cartridge port
User port
Serial port
RF out
Video out
Tape I/O
2*game ports
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):335*65*200 mm
Weight:1.55 Kg
Manufactured:1984-1985 (Discontinued)
Other:NB! Not compatible with VIC20 or C64 series
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Original options/accessories:
Tape recorder "Datasette"
5.25" floppy