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Last modified 2011-07-06

Atari 400

Type:8-bit home computer
CPU:MOS 6502B @ 1.77 MHz (PAL), 1.78 MHz (NTSC)
Operating system:Atari Basic / Atari 8-bit OS
Memory:ROM: ? KB
RAM: 16 KB (Some early versions were shipped with only 8 KB)
Sound:4 oscillators and noise mixer or 2*AM digital
Graphics:320*192 pixels, monochrome
160*96 pixels, 128 colors
4 sprites, raster interrupts
Storage:Tape recorder
Optional floppy
Input:Integrated membrane keyboard
I/O ports:Up to 4*Joystick ports, 1*serial I/O
1*Cartridge slot
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm (?")
Weight:? Kg (? lbs)
Manufactured:USA, 1979-1992 (Discontinued)
Other:Codename Candy
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