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Last modified 2010-08-19

Acorn System 5

Type:8-bit computer
CPU:MOS 6502 @ 1 MHz (2 MHz option)
Operating system:Basic
Memory:RAM: 32 - 48 KB (DRAM)
ROM: 4 KB (Expandable with additional 4KB)
Graphics:40*25 characters (MC6845 CRT controller + SAA5050 text generator)
or 80*25 characters (depending on VDU card)
Storage:2*100 KB floppy
Input:External keyboard
I/O ports:Optional
Power consumption:
Dimensions (W*H*D):? mm (?")
Weight:? Kg (? lbs)
Manufactured:England, 1983-198x (Discontinued)
Other:19 inch Eurocard rack
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Notable "ham" software:

System keyboard, used on System 2, 3, 4 and 5