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Last modified 2020-03-06

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PacComm Tiny-2

A picture of PacComm Tiny-2


Type:Amateur packet TNC
(depending on firmware):
AX25 Packet
GPS/APRS functions:
Mailbox:15 KB, expandable to 512 KB
Radio ports:1
Data rate over radio:1200 bd
Computer ports:RS-232C and TTL: 300-19200 bd
Power supply:9-14 VDC
3V lithium battery backup
Current drain:Max 220 mA
Dimensions (W*H*D):125*34*188 mm (4.92*1.34*7.4")
Weight:520 g (1.15 lbs)
Manufactured:USA, 1987-199x (Discontinued)
Other: KISS, NET/ROM and TCP/IP capable.

Open squelch DCD option
Higher speed modem option

New price 1987 in the US: $109.95
New price 1988 in the US: $119.95
New price 1988 in the UK: 99.95
Related documents: User manual v4-1991 (6.2 MB)
TCM3105 modem IC
A picture of PacComm Tiny-2 PCB
A rear picture of PacComm Tiny-2