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Last modified 2018-04-07

PLL02A, AN6040, MC145109, MM48141, MN6040, SM5109 and TC9100

PLL frequency synthesizer


This PLL-circuit use a 9 bit BCD binary programmable divide-by-N counter.

Down-converting of the frequency to the divider

This PLL circuit use a mixer and a XTAL oscillator to convert the output frequency f OUT to the f IN to the PLL Circuit.
The XTAL frequency is f XTAL = f OUT - f IN
The output frequency can be changed by changing the mixing-XTAL or add a new mixing-XTAL to the oscillator.
Pin Name Description
1 VDD Positive power supply
2 F in VCO oscillator input
3 RI Reference oscillator input (10.240MHz)
4 FS High=10kHz - Low=5kHz (Frequency step)
5 PD VCO voltage out
6 LD Loop Detected - High=Locked, Low=Unlocked
7 P8 Programmable input (Binary)
8 P7 Programmable input (Binary)
9 P6 Programmable input (Binary)
10 P5 Programmable input (Binary)
11 P6 Programmable input (Binary)
12 P3 Programmable input (Binary)
13 P2 Programmable input (Binary)
14 P1 Programmable input (Binary)
15 P0 Programmable input (Binary)
16 Vss Ground