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Last modified 2013-03-05

Panasonic DR-31 (RF-3100L)

Type:HF/VHF receiver
Frequency range:0.15-30 / 87.7-108 MHz
Receiver system:Double conversion superheterodyne
1st IF: 10.695 MHz
2nd IF: 455 KHz
Sensitivity:SSB: 0.5 uV (10 dB S/N)
Image rejection:
Voltage:Mains or 12VDC (8*R20 / D)
Current drain:Max ? mA
Impedance:50-75 ohms / ? or built-in telescopic whip
Hi-Z / ?
Dimensions (W*H*D):371*122*241 mm (14.61*4.8*9.49")
Weight:3.2 Kg (7.06 lbs)
Manufactured:Japan, 1982-1985 (Discontinued)
Other:Digital blue flourescent display.
This is the European version of RF-3100
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