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Last modified 2013-08-01

Mitsubishi NMT450 FT028

A picture of Mitsubischi NMT450 FT028
System:NMT450 System base
Frequency range:TX: 463.000-467.500 MHz
RX: 453.000-457.500 MHz
RF power output:3 / 12 / 50 W switchable
Receiver system:Double conversion superheterodyne
1st IF: 21.4 MHz
2nd IF: 455 KHz
Image rejection:N/A
Voltage:Mains: 220 VAC
Current drain:RX: ? A
TX: ? A
Impedance:50 ohms, N-jack (TX), TNC (RX)
Dimensions (W*H*D):430*88*400 mm
Weight:9.2 Kg
Manufactured:198x-198x (Discontinued)
Other:Without external system control, the unit
defaults to 463.000 (TX)/453.000 (RX)
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