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Last modified 2019-08-07

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Icom IC-R71E

A picture of Icom IC-R71E


Type:HF receiver
Frequency range:0.1-30 MHz
Tuning steps:10 / 50 Hz
1 KHz
Frequency stability:Less than 200 Hz @ switch-on
Less than 30 Hz after 60 mins warmup
Mode:AM/SSB/CW/RTTY (FM option)
Channels/memory management:32 regular
1 scan edge pair
Power supply:Mains: 220-240 VAC (13.8 VDC option)
Current drain/power consumption:Max 30 VA @ 235 VAC
Max ? mA @ 13.8 VDC
Antenna impedance/connector: Ant 1: Hi-Z / Spring terminal (0.1-1.6 MHz only)
Ant 2: 50 ohm / SO-239
Dimensions (W*H*D):286*111*276 mm (11.25*4.37*10.87")
Weight:7.5 Kg (16.53 lbs)
Other features: PBT and notch filter. NB. Dimmer. Tone control. Attenuator.
Continuous bandwidth control at 4th IF.

Receiver system: Triple conversion superheterodyne (FM option)
1st IF: 70.4515 MHz
2nd IF: 9.0115 MHz
3rd IF: 455 KHz
Quadruple conversion superheterodyne (AM/SSB/CW/RTTY)
1st IF: 70.4515 MHz
2nd IF: 9.0115 MHz
3rd IF: 455 KHz
4th IF: 9.0115 MHz
Sensitivity: AM (10 dB S+N/N, preamp on)
0.1-1.6 MHz: 3 uV
1.6-30 MHz: <0.5 uV
SSB/CW/RTTY (10 dB S+N/N, preamp on)
0.1-1.6 MHz: 1 uV
1.6-30 MHz: <0.15 uV
FM (10 dB SINAD, preamp on)
1.6-30 MHz: <0.3 uV
Selectivity: AM: 2.7-6 KHz (-6 dB), 15 KHz (-50 dB)
SSB/CW/RTTY: 0.5-2.3 KHz (-6 dB), 4.2 KHz (-60 dB)
CW-N/RTTY-N: 500 Hz (-6 dB), 1.5 KHz (-60 dB), with optional FL-32
FM: 15 KHz (-6 dB), 25 KHz (-60 dB)
Image rejection:>60 dB
AF output power/speaker:3 W at ?% distortion / 8 ohm
External speaker connector:3.5 mm, 4-8 ohm

Manufactured:Japan, 1984-1990 (Discontinued)
Additional info: Battery-backed BIOS-RAM. Special procedure to replace the
battery, or the radio will die!
The final production run introduced the new Icom logo with the red
ring and sleeker fonts.
Related documents: User manual (4.5 MB)
RAM board battery replacement procedure (69 KB)
High-stability crystal unit. 0.5 ppm
CW narrow filter, 500 Hz (IF: 9 MHz)
SSB filter, 2.4 KHz (IF: 455 KHz)
CW narrow filter, 250 Hz (IF: 9 MHz)
FM unit
Interface unit
Voice synthesizer unit
Remote control unit, with IR remote controller
A rear picture of Icom IC-R71E

A picture of Icom IC-R71E, final production run with new Icom logo