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Last modified 2014-12-16

Opto components

C328RVGA-to-JPG serial interface camera
EA DIPS082-HN seriesLCD module, 2*8 characters. HD44780 compatible
HP5082-74327 segment display, 2 digits
HP5082-74337 segment display, 3 digits
INL0397-1Hexadecimal display with logicTIL311
OS096064POsram Pictiva 96x64 OLED display
Rohm SML-51 seriesSMD LED
Rohm SML-A12 seriesSide view SMD LED
SN74141BCD-to-decimal decoder/gas-filled cold-cathode indicator tube driverNTE74141 or K155NA1
TIL311Hexadecimal display with logicInnocor INL0397-1