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Last modified 2013-02-14

Sydimport PR-2340

A picture of Sydimport PR-2340
Type:Citizen band transceiver
Frequency range:26.965-27.225 MHz
Channels:23 (1-22 + 11A)
Frequency control:PLL
Power output:4 W
Receiver system:Double conversion superheterodyne
1st IF: 10.695 MHz
2nd IF: 455 KHz - Ceramic filter: Murata CFU455I
Sensitivity:0.5 uV (10 dB S/N)
Image rejection:
Voltage:12-15 VDC
Current drain:RX: Max ? mA
TX: Max ? A
Dimensions (W*H*D):180*60*200 mm
Weight:1.43 Kg
Manufactured:Japan, 1978-198x (Discontinued)
Other:PA, NB/ANL
New price 1979 in Sweden: 795:- SEK
New price 1980 in Sweden: 695:- SEK
Related documents:PLL: SM5104
Final transistor: 2SC1306
An inside picture of Sydimport PR-2340
A rear picture of Sydimport PR-2340