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Last modified 2016-07-16

TS-582000 (OEM)

A picture of TS-582000 (OEM)
Type:SHF video transmitter
Frequency range: 5.8 GHz (8 channels)
Ch1: 5.705 GHz
Ch2: 5.685 GHz
Ch3: 5.665 GHz
Ch4: 5.645 GHz
Ch5: 5.885 GHz
Ch6: 5.905 GHz
Ch7: 5.925 GHz
Ch8: 5.945 GHz
Mode:FM-video, 8 MHz bandwidth. PAL or NTSC
6.5 MHz audio sub-carrier (mono)
RF Power output:2 W (33 dBm 1 dB)
Voltage:7-15 VDC
Current drain:900 mA
Impedance/connector:50 ohms / SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D):26*17*55 mm (1.02*0.67*2.16")
Weight:59 gr (2.08 oz)
Manufactured:China, 201x-201x
Related documents:User manual (1.5 MB)