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Last modified 2009-05-01

Comtech FM2400RTIM8

Type:UHF video receiver
Frequency range
depending on setting:
2300-2555 MHz (1 MHz steps)
2200-2710 MHz (2 MHz steps)
(With DTECH custom PIC16F628A)
Mode:FM-video. 6 and 6.5 MHz Audio sub-carriers
Voltage:12-15 VDC
Current drain:Max 500 mA
Impedance:75 ohms / SMA
Dimensions (W*H*D):147*15*59 mm (5.79*0.59*2.32")
Weight:85 gr (3 oz)
Manufactured:Taiwan, 2006-2009 (Discontinued)
Other:Demo board, ready to use. Non-standard de-emphasis.
New price 2009 in the UK: 41.00
Related documents:Tuner datasheet (541 KB)
Dip switch settings (1 MHz steps) (8 KB)
Dip switch settings (2 MHz steps) (7 KB)