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After founding Swan Electronics in 1961, Herb Johnson, W6QKI went on and founded
Atlas Radio in 1974. In the beginning of the 1980's, Atlas virtually disappeard from the
market. An attempt to revive the company in 1993 didn't go well and Atlas Radio finally
folded in 1995. Herb went SK in 2000.



RX-11010-80 mSSB/CW1978


PixModModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

TX-110-H10-80 mSSB/CW>90 W1978

TX-110-L10-80 mSSB/CW>8 W1978


PixModModelBand/QRGModeMax P/OQuicknote

18020-160 mSSB/CW>90 W1974

180M20-160 mSSB/CW>90 W1974

21010-80 mSSB/CW>80 WEarly 1975

210X10-80 mSSB/CW>80 WLate 1975

210X Limited Edition10-80 mSSB/CW>110 W1979

21515-160 mSSB/CW>80 WEarly 1975

215X15-160 mSSB/CW>80 WLate 1975

30010-160 m + WARCSSB/CW? W

31010-160 m + WARCSSB/CW? W

350-XL10-160 mSSB/CW>160 W1977

400X10-160 m + WARCSSB/CW>75 W1994