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This area is for various equipment made for APRS only. For general packet equipment
that also may have APRS functionality, please see the "Text and imaging gear" area.

APRS equipment

PixModelData rateTypeQuicknote

Byonics Micro-Trak RTG1200 bd2 m transmitter, complete mobile unit

Byonics Micro-Trak 3001200 bd2 m transmitter, mobile unit

Byonics Pocket tracker1200 bd2 m transmitter, portable unit

Byonics TinyTrak1200 bdGPS position encoder

Byonics TinyTrak SMT1200 bdGPS position encoderAn SMT/SMD version of TinyTrak3

Byonics TinyTrak21200 bdGPS position encoder

Byonics TinyTrak31200 bdGPS position encoder

Byonics TinyTrak3 Plus1200 bdGPS position encoder

Byonics TinyTrak41200 bdGPS position encoder/decoder, and more
DB1NTO PicoAPRS1200 bd2 m transceiver, complete portable unit